Discover the best fishing spots in Mackay

Mackay offers residents and holidaymakers all-year-round fishing with a net-free fishing zone and stocked Barramundi dams that are open all seasons. No wonder why Mackay is known as one of the best fishing locations in Australia, both nationally and internationally.

If you are looking for your family’s next fishing adventure, these are the best fishing spots in Mackay where remarkable fish habitats are located.

Pioneer River

Freshwater fishing is supreme in Mackay. From dams to lakes, rivers to other inland waters, the region has plenty of destinations to find a good catch and one of them is Pioneer River. One of the best fishing spots in Mackay, this 120 kilometre long river flows through Mackay City and into the mouth of the Coral Sea. The river is filled with Bream, Whiting, Trevally, and Flathead.

Cast your fishing rod anywhere along the Pioneer River and you can expect a bite in no time. But if you’re looking for a larger haul, the fishing platforms in River Street, Forgan Bridge, and East Point are your best spots.

Kinchant Dam

Some 41 kilometres west of Mackay City is another awesome freshwater fishing location, the Kinchant Dam. Located in the beautiful Pioneer Valley, this dam is stocked with abundant fish, including Sooty grunter, Barramundi, Fork-tail catfish, Eel-tail catfish, and Sleepy cod. If you have a fishing boat, then tow it on your trailer for a better catch.

Kinchant Dam is also a popular weekend destination among locals for its caravan and camping area, family park, and barbeque facility. If you want to avoid the crowd and have a great time fishing, it’s best to visit the Kinchant Dam during weekdays.

Sandy Creek

Travel south of the city centre for about 20 minutes and you’ll reach Sandy Creek. It’s one of the best fishing spots in Mackay where you can also go crabbing. Set up your pots, leave them for a couple of hours, and you’ll have a great dinner later.

Meanwhile, you will cast your lines in a frenzy with the plentiful barramundi and salmon that crowd the creek all day. Many anglers sure do, that’s why Sandy Creek is also one of Mackay’s most visited fishing destinations.

Constant Creek

Do you fancy catching some Fingermarks and Mangrove jacks? They can both be found at Constant Creek, a short stream near Seafort and Cape Hillsborough. Salmons and Barramundis will also bite if you fish a bit nearer to the deeper bends at the creek’s mouth.

Constant Creek is just 31 kilometres away from Mackay City, some 28 minute-drive up north via Bruce Highway. If you want to bring your tinny along for a better haul the creek also has a public boat ramp available.

Fishing tips & tackle

Now that you know the best fishing spots in Mackay, you will have plenty of places to visit for your next family adventure.  You won’t need a permit to fish in most of these destinations. However, you will need a Stocked Impoundment Permit (SIP) for impoundments in the Kinchant Dam for those 18 years old or over. SIPs will cost you $10 per week or $50 yearly and can be purchased here.

Remember that there are size and possession limits for most fishes and crustaceans in Queensland. It’s best to keep yourself well-informed before going to these Mackay fishing destinations. Also, check the tide in Mackay – the best time to fish is during a falling tide, which happens around two hours before low tide.

For all your fishing needs, you’ll find many tackle stores around Mackay that sell lures, rods, reels, gears, and other fishing supplies. Some of these stores include Tackle World Mackay in Shakespeare Street, Nashy’s Compleat Angler in Harbour Rd, and Freddy’s Fishing and Outdoor in Trade Court.

If you want a better fishing experience, you can hire boats or attend tours with fishing operators like Inshore Fishing Mackay, Mackay Fly and Sportfishing, and Action Charters.

Fishing at The Waters Ooralea

Residents at The Waters Ooralea can enjoy fishing 365 days a year because of the community’s proximity to these best fishing spots in Mackay. Fish breeds abundance is Dusky Flathead, Winter Whitting, Bream, Spotter Granter; and the odd Barra and Mangrove Jack

What’s more, The Waters Ooralea has 1.5km of picturesque tidal water frontage that leads out to the Pacific Ocean. This creek offers one of the best fishing and crabbing experiences you’ll have in Mackay. Why not throw a crab pot in and try your luck?

Fishing at The Waters Ooralea makes for a great day out for the whole family – not only can you throw a line in at the creekbank; you and your family can have a picnic at the picnic shelter by the creek, take a walk in the forest or explore the wetlands.   

The Waters Ooralea currently has land for sale as well as many affordable house and land packages. Call us today on 0438 683 933 or enquire online to find your new home and discover the best of Mackay.