What is a Turnkey House & Land Package?

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Building a new house is exciting, but moving in? That’s a totally different story. Many people find that their newly built home is lacking the essential features for comfortable living when moving in. They discover that they have to spend more money than initially planned just to make their new house feel like home.  

If you want to avoid this altogether and have a smooth moving in experience, then a Turnkey House and Land Package is the best option for you.

What are the benefits of a Turnkey House and Land Package?

This type of property package offers everything you need to make your new home a liveable space for your family right away.  It’s not built yet, but will be constructed according to the specifications and price you and the builder/developer agree on.

The advantage of buying a Turnkey House and Land Package is that you can fully utilise the property once the construction is complete and you receive the keys. You and your family can move in right away without the need for extra work to complete your new home with essentials like fencing, lawns, gardens, air-conditioning, kitchen appliances… and the list goes on!  With a Turnkey House and Land Package, you can avoid the overwhelming experience and extra costs of organising all these things yourself upon moving in. 

Another benefit of a Turnkey House and Land Package is you’ll avoid dealing with multiple vendors, contractors, and builders to work on your property.  Instead, you only need to negotiate with the bank/lender for a home loan and with the developer for the home purchase.

A Turnkey House and Land Package will also save you from unexpected costs of the building process, which commonly occurs in other types of property.  Because the price is already fixed before the construction begins, you can set up a budget accordingly and need not to anticipate additional expenses.

What’s included in a Turnkey House and Land Package?

Turnkey House and Land Packages can vary from builder to builder, so to set your expectations right, you must speak directly with the builder/developer and ask for the package specifications and inclusions.

Here at The Waters Ooralea, our Turnkey House and Land Packages include $16K worth of special extras including:

  • driveway and paths.
  • full turf of property and front garden landscaping.
  • Side and rear fences and gates (double side access gate for a boat etc.).
  • air-conditioning in the master bedroom and living room PLUS ceiling fans in all rooms.
  • Security screen sliding door for all external sliding doors.
  • Letterbox and wall mounted clothesline.

You can also expect kitchen appliances such as an oven, ceramic stove and dishwasher, security screen sliding door, led lights, NBN connection, and masonry block-rendered exterior walls.

Download our Inclusions brochure to see the full list of inclusions.  

All of our home inclusions are up-gradable too if you’re willing to stretch your budget. These optional upgrades include:

  • 9ft ceilings for a touch of luxury.
  • Stone bench tops in kitchen, bathroom and laundry.
  • Additional air conditioners for rooms not included.
  • Spray on tile driveway, paths and garage floor.
  • and many more.

We also offer flexible and customisable plans and designs that will suit your specific needs. View some stunning photos of The Waters Ooralea’s first handover in 2020, and get an idea of what a full turn-key house and land package can look like for you.

Turnkey House & Land Packages in The Waters Ooralea

A Turnkey House and Land Package is a great option if you want to save time and money when buying a property.  It will allow you to move into your new home stress-free and enjoy the entire experience.

If you are in the market for your dream home, then there’s no better place to start your search than The Waters Ooralea in Mackay. Visit our Facebook page for the latest updates on land availability.

We have fixed-priced Turnkey House and Land Packages that have no hidden costs and will allow you to move in right away and live comfortably with your family.  Your new home will be complete with everything you need, relieving you of the stress of putting extra work in after the purchase. There’s no need to find a builder either, just tell us what you need and leave the rest to us.

Our master-planned residential community currently has a number of affordable House and Land Packages that suit all types of families.  We have a team of expert builders who can help you to easily build your new home.  We also have lots available for sale  with a range of land sizes, if you prefer to choose your own Mackay builder.

The Waters Ooralea also has an in-house finance service that can help get you in your new turn-key house and land package quicker. Our local professional broker will assist you throughout the entire application, from determining your borrowing capacity and choosing the right home loan product, to securing all government requirements.

Contact us at The Waters Ooralea today on 0438 683 933 or or send us an enquiry on sales@cougardevelopments.com.au and get a FREE Financial Health Check to start building your Turnkey home in Mackay.


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