Limited Time Offer: Keep cool and save with FREE Air Con & Solar

There has never been a better time to move to The Waters Ooralea in Mackay. Our fully integrated residential community offers 1.5 km waterfrontage and a secure family friendly neighbourhood featuring parks and children’s playgrounds. You can also explore the Melaleuca Forest nearby or walk to the adjoining Black Springs Golf Course.

To add even MORE value for our clients, we are now offering FREE air con and solar throughout. This offer is valid during the month of March, 2020 with every turn-key house and land package*. This will ensure a cool and comfortable home all-year-round and can increase the market value on your property.

Find out below how you can save money on your power bill by taking advantage of this limited-time offer. Register your interest in this offer.

*T&C’s Apply

Benefits of Solar

With a rising global concern for our climate, sustainable living should be a priority for everyone. A great way to help reduce carbon emission and to conserve the environment, is by switching to more renewable sources of energy. An increasingly more common option for Australian home owners is to install solar panels. This is largely because solar energy is a reliable energy source with unlimited supply.

The non-fluctuating energy use and subsequent reduction in your future power bill is another plus of installing solar. Also, reports have shown that the low electricity costs can help increase the home’s attractiveness on the market. The size of the installation will determine how much value is added

How Solar Works

Most parts of Australia are perfectly suited for the installation of solar panels. With long hours of direct sunlight, the small solar cells in the panels are able to contain enough energy for an average household. Bigger panels will suffice even big commercial buildings. The way solar panels work is by converting light photons into energy through the solar photovoltaic effects. This allows for the direct conversion into electricity or solar power.

The panels are most commonly placed on roofs for maximum exposure to the sun rays. The greater the exposure to sun, the more heat is produced as the concentration of light hits larger surfaces on the cell.

Benefits of Air con

The hot temperatures and tropical climate in Mackay allow for beach days and sunset strolls most times of the year. But we also need to be cautious of the extreme heat during summer. You need to make sure your home is a cool and safe spot to escape to, in order to avoid heatstroke and dehydration. Installing air con also ensures your home will meet future buyers’ expectation and is a surefire way of adding value to a Queensland home.

Apart from the obvious cooling benefits of installing air con in your house, it also come with a whole host of other positive aspects including:

  • Reduces possibility of Asthma attacks
  • Increases your home’s security by keeping windows and doors closed
  • Provides a cool place to exercise and promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • Reduces the number of insects and parasites coming into your home
  • Provides a better sleeping environment
  • Prevents your electrical equipment from overheating
  • Improves work performance
  • Restricts noise  

FREE Air Con and Solar When Moving to The Waters Ooralea

couple sitting in front of air con

With spiraling energy costs and a growing concern for the climate, more people are turning towards renewable energy. Solar panels provide a clean and cheap source of power that also is sustainable. If you’re looking for something to increase the value of your home, solar panels may prove to be a good investment.

So, don’t miss out on getting even MORE value in your brand-new home at The Waters Ooralea. Take advantage of our FREE air conditioning and solar offer in March only Register your interest in this offer.

With our full turn-key house and land packages, your new home will come fully complete with all the essentials you’ll need at no extra cost! These packages will save you time and effort in designing and planning your new home. Contact The Waters Ooralea today to get pre-approved financing to buy your new house and land package in Mackay. 

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