Mackay: The Best-Placed Town for Growth in Queensland

Mackay is a city located on the eastern coast of Queensland, about 970 kilometres north of state capital Brisbane.

The population in the region has been steadily growing and the Mackay government projects that the current population of 128,000 will increase to 135,300 by 2021.

Why Mackay?

If you are a home buyer or investor, there’s no question that the Mackay region should be top on your list for property search. Why? Because the town is poised for exponential growth in the coming years for the following reasons.

Lower House Prices

Mackay is one of a few places in Queensland where you can find low-priced properties with relative ease.

According to, the medial price of all sales in Mackay last year was significantly cheaper than the property prices in popular coastal regions in the state, like the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

Also, first-time buyers in Mackay can save a 20% deposit for median-priced houses in just 2.5 years. Compared to Australia’s average of 4.6 per cent, Mackay is the ideal location for couples who want to buy their own property sooner and start their own families.

More Jobs in the Future

Business is booming in Mackay, thanks to the region’s growing tourism. According to the data released by the National Visitor Survey (NSV) last June, Mackay just experienced the sixth consecutive quarter of growth in domestic visitation. The data also showed that visitors have spent a total of 4.2 million nights in the Mackay region for the year ending March 2018. That’s an impressive 30 per cent increase from the previous year.

Aside from tourism, the sugar and mining industries are also flourishing in Mackay.

Known as the sugar capital of Australia, the region produces more than 33 per cent of the country’s supply. Sugar mills in Mackay produce an average of 850,000 tonnes of raw sugar and 180,000 tonnes of by-product molasses per year. The region is also the gateway to the Bowen Basin coal reserves, the largest coal reserve in Australia. Currently, Mackay has 34 operational coal mines that produce more than 100 million tonnes per year.

With all of these industries thriving in the Mackay region, 3,900 new job opportunities created in Mackay during the 12 months to August 2018, many of which were in the Paget area, pushing the unemployment rate down to 3.3%, and job opportunities are sure to increase in the future. This is advantageous to both home buyers and property investors. The growing economy guarantees that there’s more than enough livelihood for families moving to Mackay. It also means that properties bought today will appreciate in value in the years to come, as the demand for houses will also increase.

More Sustainable Infrastructure

During the last few years, Mackay Council has funded some extensive infrastructure projects to expand areas like Ooralea, Northern Beaches, and Paget Industrial zone. The Council did this to support the increasing population and growing economy of the region.

With smart and strategic planning, as well as building strong relationships with different stakeholders, the Council aims to support the current growth that Mackay is experiencing. It has put forward significant investment to build roads, water, and sewerage systems that can sustain a much higher capacity for the future.

A sustainable infrastructure will not only make the local economy grow and function at a high level, but it will also increase the value of properties in the region.

Mackay Homes at The Waters Ooralea

With lower house prices, a booming economy, and new sustainable infrastructure, Mackay is the best-placed town for growth in Queensland. The region will be a hot property market soon.

Whether you are a home buyer or a property investor, it is wise to invest in Mackay homes now because doing so will surely give you great returns in the future.

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The Waters Ooralea also has commercial facilities and recreational areas to make your life more enjoyable in the community.

Our residential community is also less than nine kilometres away from Mackay central business district, where you will find some of the region’s top attractions like Bluewater Lagoon, the Regional Botanical Garden and Artspace Mackay.

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