Housing Estates Encourage Better Social Health

Living in a housing estate has many benefits. It is well organised, including the houses, the sanitation, maintenance, and security.

The streets are clean, the roads are pleasant, and the community is just safe and peaceful. More importantly, a housing estate has a great impact on residents’ personal life in that it encourages better social health.

Common social health problems

According to psychologists, social isolation or lack of social activity leads to mental health problems, including anxiety, depression, loneliness, and phobias. When people don’t feel that they belong, all these mental health problems tend to surface. These problems particularly affect adults who are at a high risk of developing Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

With kids and young adults, such problems can lead to different social issues like bullying, violence, vandalism, and substance abuse.  Studies also show that a lack of social interaction contributes to different physical problems like obesity, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.

How do Housing Estates help with these problems?

Housing estates are planned and built in a way that will encourage people to engage and interact. They help build a strong sense of community. There are parks where families can hang out and playgrounds where children can play together. There are jogging paths, basketball courts, and other recreational hubs where friends and neighbours can enjoy physical activities.

Aside from recreational facilities, housing estates strategically place schools, libraries, churches, restaurants, and retail stores around the community to promote gatherings, stimulate caring and compassion, and create places where individuals can meet other people.

Planning-wise, the houses aren’t that far apart from each other, which helps homeowners enjoy a quick chat before they go out for work or while gardening and mowing their lawns. This design also encourages people to think that they’re not alone and that neighbours are present in times of need.

The developers also strategically position varying property types to promote a diverse population and help create interactions of people from all walks of life. Housing estates are great for young families who are just starting to build their own lives and are looking for a community to grow their roots in. And for couples looking for a starter home, housing estates offer great value for money because of their lower prices.

Housing Estates can benefit rural communities

Regional areas, like Mackay in Queensland, can also benefit from the construction of housing estates. In particular, these housing communities can help drive up the economic development of the rural areas faster. From planning and land development to construction and maintenance; the construction of housing estates will create job opportunities for architects, labourers, lenders, plumbers, electricians, lawyers, and many more.

Aside from the increase in job requirements, housing estates will improve the businesses of transportation and trade services providers. Vendors of building materials, construction tools, insurance, clothing, and food will also see their profits increase because of the construction projects.

When residents occupy their new homes, they will also need all types of products and services. This means new businesses will be created and the economy of the regional communities will grow even more.

Live a healthy life at The Waters Ooralea

When choosing the location where you want your family to live in, make sure you pick the place that will stimulate better social health.

One of the best upcoming housing estates in Mackay where a sense of community is highly encouraged is The Waters Ooralea. Our fully-integrated residential community has retail and commercial facilities nearby, 10 schools within 10kms, as well as recreational areas, parks, an outdoor gym and children’s playground within the estate to encourage residents to get out of their houses and interact with one another.

The Waters Ooralea Lifestyle Difference:

– Creek bank – Fishing – Parks & Playgrounds – Outdoor Gym – Pathways – Golf – Open Space – Melaleuca Forest – Family Focused Events – Picnic Shelters

At The Waters Ooralea, our community feels like one happy family.
Call us now on 0438 683 933  or contact us and be a part of it!

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